Hi-Q Antennas Photo Gallery

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GQD, Giant quick disconnets

History of the Stealth family

Mounting Brackets

SPECIAL Mobile Installations

Stealth II. Series vs brand "X".

Stealth II.-2.5 RT

Stealth II.-2.5/40MT

Stealth II.-2.5/80 MT

Stealth II.-2.5/80 RT

Stealth II.-3/80 MT

Stealth II.-3/80 MT Marine

Stealth II.-3/80 RT

Stealth II.-4/160 MT & RT

Stealth II.-4/80 MT

Stealth II.-4/80 MT Marine

Stealth II.-4/80 RT

Testing the Stealth II. series, results.

UNUN and Shunt coils

WB, Whip base

WQD, Whip quick disconnect