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To My Fellow HAM's!

Sorry for the inconvenience (if any) by having the Hi-Q business placed LOW on the Totem Pole.

So here are the ones are on the VERY TOP on my mythical Totem Pole: All of our military with their needs on HF Comm antennas.

The USMC (US Marine Corps) recently began to receive their JLTV (Joint Light Tactical Vehicle) and Hi-Q-Antennas are being installed on them here in So. Cal. Addition to the JLTV we have been asked to design/develop, test, install HF comm antennas for the MV-22 OSPREY then look further, to install HF antennas helicopters and other OtM's (on the Move) land and sea. All of this is very exiting and it has taken all of my time so far.

Soon we will have some changes that will pay 100% attention to all of us HAMS.

As of this week, we begin to deliver to those who have patiently waited for their antenna orders. We will back to normal operation on the HMS side of our business.

Best to You All, Be Safe, Stay Safe

Charlie W6HIQ


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New from Hi-Q:

Introduced at the Visalia DX Convention in April 2018:
The new Hi Q-4/160 RT Piranha!

New design! More efficient and slimmer!  More rugged but lighter, 5 lbs!


Click Images to Enlarge!

Must See Videos: How to connect HF mobile

Other install videos available:

Videos from Dan Vanevenhoven, N9LVS


New Patent!


73, Charlie, W6HIQ, VA7HIQ, HA5CMG


73, Charlie, W6HIQ, VA7HIQ, HA5CMG

Join the Hi-Q MILLION MILE Mobile antenna

Owners Club.

Benefit: Get a FREE same model antenna, by turning in the one you have over a million mile on your vehicles. Show purchase date, vehicle type’s it was installed on, Awards collected of the different bands.Use the example on this website attained by Pete, N6HH

73, Charlie, W6HIQ, VA7HIQ, HA5CMG

New Images

The NEW Hi-Q Antenna Family!

Mil. NVIS antenna
Hi-Q Antennas for the US Navy.
Hi-Q NVIS antennas packed for the US Navy.
Hi-Q Display stand.

No, NOT even a Hi-Q antenna for my new car!

Oh well, I changed my mind, due to the neat BMW TOW HOOK for < $35.00
It screws into the main frame, adapts to the Hi-Q Mounting wafers and a GQD.


Attention Hi-Q HF Mobile antenna owners!

We are receiving inputs from customers, mostly from 18 wheelers that they have surpassed the Million miles on the Hi-Q antenna installed on their rigs.

Example: N6HH has 2.59 million miles on his Hi-Q-5/80 antenna bought nearly 20 years ago. (Four different rigs).

It you have a story to tell about your million mile Hi-Q antenna, do it on e-ham.net and GET A FREE Hi-Q Replacement for FREE.

73, Charlie W6HIQ


N6HH "PETE" has set a WORLD Record using a 1994

Manufactured in Hi-Q-5/80 Mobile antenna;

In ten years’ time the antenna was installed on four different 18 wheeler Tractor hauling electronic equipment for a MAJOR truck line.

Totaling: 2,590.000 Miles!!!

Maintenance: Hi-Q has performed ONE motor change.

Facts: verifiable with QSL cards and logbook entries.

80 Meter COUNTRIES: 87

40 Meter 126

30 Meter 105

20 Meter 133

17 Meter 72

15 Meter 103

10 Meter 117

Worked ALL of the 3077 COUNTIES from 2500 Counties!

SEE PHOTO of N6HH’s Rig.

PETE N6HH with his 18 wheeler and 20 year old Hi-Q -5 mobile antenna with 2,590,000 miles on the antenna.


As you may have noticed on my HAM website the antenna

MODEL numbers have changed.

The reason is that we had to SEPARATE

The Model number/naming from the Hi-Q-MilitaryAntennas.

The NEW Model name is: PIRANHA!

A very suitable name as we EAT UP the so called screwdriver

Antenna MAKERS CONTRUPTIONS for: Breakfast, = LUNCH= and DINNER!

Also please note that, we for NOW, do not list the Hi-Q-2.5, and Hi-Q-3 antennas.

It is our intention is to SELL the World Wide Marketing Rights for these two excellent Hi-Q antennas, because we are overwhelmed with

The Military antenna sales.

Any questions: Please call Charlie at 951-674-4862

NEW from Hi-Q-Antennas:

HOW GOOD IS a Hi-Q Antenna?

Follow one 24/7/365


As of June 2013 W6HIQ is an official HFN Pilot Station! Under W6HIQ call letters.

I have set up one of the std. Hi-Q-6/160 RT MC-3H HF Mobile antenna on the top of my carport with ONLY an 8’SS whip and NO CapHat. This is to represent an average HF mobile operator’s set up with the Hi-Q-6 mobile antenna.

Purpose: To validate the antenna performance, Radiation Efficiency for the upcoming RT (Rapid Tuning) antenna for our military to do ALE (Automatic

Link Establishment)

BENEFIT to HAM’s: quickly determine the HF Propagation to and from anywhere on our world.


The Radio is a Motorola Micom 3R appx. 125 Watts average on all of the ham bands programmed in for HAM ALE.

The antenna is Pre-Tuned for 3596 kc USB and an LDG Z-11 Pro doing the Re-Tune to the following frequencies:

Freq. in kHz         All USB channels:         HFN



You can follow my transmission on those frequencies typically every HR on each of the HAM ALY frequencies: ON HFLINK.net

Once opened you will see FOUR areas:

LOG In, - A World Google Map, - Network Activities Log-Stations on the Air

And a Call sign Box showing who is-was on the air and WAS HEARD in the last 24 Hrs.

Enlarge the map zoom in So. California, if you wish to see the transmissions from the W6HIQ station from the Temecula California location. Point you curser on the square to ID W6HIQ and or the Receiving station.

The Color of the line will tell you the MUF was at the time of transmission from W6HIQ to; for example on June 15th stn. In Malaysia, YD0XH7, in Florida KJ4AYT, in San Francisco, KQXA and in Sweden SM5RVH has heard AND REPLIED to my stn.

Under severe testing  (Hi-Q-software TORTURE, 135,000 tuning cycles) is the NEW Hi-Q RT (Rapid Tuning) antenna for our military, that will do 3G ALE.

It now tunes from 1.6 to 60 MHz in <700 milli seconds! OR QSY within the band in < 20 ms.

See; Pix of the STN and the Hi-Q-6/160 RT HF Mobile antenna.


Million Mile Hi-Q Antenna
A Hi-Q Antennas Eham Review by Harold KA0SAB


In my past review I wrote how I had over 1 million miles on my 5-80 Antenna,
well as I stated I wrote Charlie to let him know, and he said he would
rebuild it for me at no charge!

He instead sent me a Brand New Piranha for FREE before I even sent him my
old one, just so I would not be with out one, and because I had over a
million miles on it!
 By the time I took the old 5-80 off the Semi, I had 1 million 61,487 miles
on it and still working! I started having a problem about a month ago when I
would get into heavy rain and snow.
That is a lot of use with out a problem!
I looked at other Antenna's, but the prices ranged from $669.00 + mount, to
more for 10-160 for a 3" Tar-heel that would change height to $858.00 3"
Scorpio  that still would change height and has a seal that will go up and
down the out side of the coil tube. That means I would have to clean the out
side of the tube whenever it may have collected any dirt.
The other thing I did not like is when the Antenna changes height what
happens when I get into freezing rain or Ice?
I would have to stop and tap the side of the coil tube to break it off so I
could change bands and take a chance on putting a dent or something in it.
The High-Q stays the same height and is all sealed inside to keep it Clean.
I decided to stay with the Hi-Q and that is when I called Charlie and let me
tell you I am glad I did! He not only stands behind his product, he went
beyond and sent me a new one for free.

I have now had this Antenna on for 2 weeks and it is out performing my old
Hi-Q ant with out a doubt!
I have worked (north west coast of England in a pile up to a gentle man
walking down the beach pulling a wagon he called it a trolly with battery's
radio and 1/4 wave ant with a cap hat to in a pile up, to working Germany
and Italy,France,Tazmania,New Zealand, Africa,Austria, Wales, and many
others on 100 Watts Mobile, in pile ups and getting through, with people
asking me what kind of Amp I am running! NONE!

In summary for $550.00 which is cheaper then the other antennas and to me
better built and will run 10-160,and does not depend on changing height, and
is sealed better. I have had this one on all bands and works GREAT! My
contacts have been made mainly at night and in the early morning hours.
I am looking forward to another Millions miles of trouble free service!
Charlie I can't thank you enough.
I have 2 other ham's that drive for me and will be ordering from Charlie!
In Three month's I will write more on this Antenna and how it is working
out. I will be parking my Truck at field Day this year and using the Piranha
as one of the Antennas, so others can see how well it works. I have run
BB3's and other screw driver Antennas and this is the Best!
Harold KA0SAB

"This Hi-Q-5/80 RT antenna is appx. 7 years old, has 1,061.487 (Yes, one
million +) miles on Harold KA0SAB Harold's
Several different semi's.
Antenna was dis-assembled, cleaned and back in service"!


BREAKTHROUGH in the Hi-Q HF Antenna tuning SPEED!

Tune from 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz
in less than 200 milliseconds!

No more waiting around for your antenna
to catch up with your radio to QSY!

Patent Pending!

We are pleased to announce that the step by step improvement in the Hi-Q HF antenna’s loading coil’s tuning time From 160 M to the 10 M band went from the DC motor tuned time of > 1 minute to STEPPER motor tuning (controlling) To 20 seconds with appropriate software!
Note that the task is to change inductance from appx. 350 uH down to < 1 uH.
That is: move the contactor appx. 12” in vertical distance and maintain accuracy on frequency repeatability within < 1 kc. This was alright, BUT still not fast enough for ALE.

Further development has led to the NEW RT (Rapid Tuning) Hi-Q HF antenna where great improvement in FRICTION and WEIGHT reduction of the Hi-Q Patented loading coil design. By employing Silver plated BRASS balls and Silver plated loading coil wire the combined friction and contactor weight
Has resulted in a 400% reduction in friction and allowing a size 17 stepper motor to do the Rapid Tuning.
The controller used for the RT antenna was developed for the Hi-Q Military Antennas by QCI, it now tunes ...

From 1.8 MHz to 30 MHz in 200 milliseconds!

However the Radio Frequency Propagation does not require an antenna to be tuned from 1.8-30 MHz normally, it is more standard that one change frequency in smaller blocks keeping up with the Day-Night propagation. Being aware of this we make to loading coil contactor to be in the MIDDLE of tunable coil, therefore cutting the tuning speed to HALF! Further to this now one can achieve very fast tuning, for example: Antenna currently tuned to 10 MHz and need to go to 14 MHz the tuning time is 40 ms!

Software developed to remotely tune the frequency range from 1.8-30 MHz allows having over 500
Channels (frequencies) in addition there is 10 channels can be dedicated to discreet frequencies that are NOT accessible to the radio operator to change, Only to the radio shop technician.

The RT antenna is now available, supplied with the NEW stepper motor, QCI controller and software that runs on Windows 7.

Charles M. Gyenes, W6HIQ, HA5CMG and VA7HIQ
RT-RApid Tuning Stepper motor
w/ Cable Assy.
Silver Plated Loading
Hi-Q Emergency Submarine Antennas
w/ RT (Rapid Tuning) Stepper Motors
Hi-Q RT Stepper motor, Cable and
the QCI Stepper Controller
The Hi-Q RT Antenna w/
Stepper motor and lead screw
The QCI Stepper motor controller
running in windows


We pleased to announce a NEW

Hi-Q Ham Radio Mobile antenna:


The PIRANHA is an OMNIVOROUS Hi-Q-5/160 RT Ruggedized antenna that EATS scorpion antennas for BREAKFAST, tarheel antennas for LUNCH and SPITS out hisierra antennas as they are NOT digestible!

Initially it was developed for the US Military with STEPPER motor tuning; now it is with 12VDC motor for the Ham use.

Mechanical dims.: 3” tall, plus whip of your choice

Weight: 8 lbs., BLACK Loading coil, 2” dia. Alu. Mast.

Electrical: same as the Hi-Q-5/160 on our website.

Available in July 2012.

Price: Including WQD, mounting kit: $550.00

Check it out Here! 

Check out the Piranha Antenna Website!

Latest News!
On 12/1/2011  Hi-Q-Military Antennas has submitted the Hi-Q proposal for several HF antennas destined for the ISS. A major Aerospace Company is the prime contractor and Hi-Military Antennas is the subcontractor.
A very challanging program as the antenna will be in SPACE VACUUM  and will be "seeing" a drastic tempreture change of Plus 200 C to Minus 200C in SECONDS!
Charlie Gyenes


NASA has requested Charlie Gyenes of Hi-Q Antennas to continue the development of the HF RADAR antenna for MATISSE.
This will be an Extremely Short HF Tunable antenna mounted on TWO spacecrafts that will be launched into space to land on an Asteroid.

NASA NSPIRES — Action — Participation Confirmation Required

Consultant Charles Gyenes has been assigned to proposal below.


Proposal Title: Matisse: A Multi-frequency Tomography Instrument to explore the Internal Structure of Small-bodies.

Team Member Role: Consultant
Date Added: 08/19/2010


New requirment: For this proposal to be submitted all team members, including collaborators, must establish an organizational relationship online. The process is easy. Logon to the NSPIRES web page and follow the instructions. For step by step instructions you may also go to Http://nspires.nasaprs.com/tutorials/UG_TM_Confirm.pdf


Hi-Q is please to share with you the LATEST development in SPECIALZED NVIS Ground Penetrating HF Radar antennas for NASA’s space project.

Basic antenna specs: each side is 52” long, 4” diameter, tuning range; 3.5 to 30 MHz, .weigh for the one goes in space will be < 10 lbs. 

This and other projects for our military continually provides and advancement of our HAM products.

Despite of the efforts by jealous and envious people to discredit the Hi-Q products, our sales to the HAM community is DOUBLING every year. 


Charlie, W6HIQ

Recently Hi-Q has delivered to NASA a Special NVIS
Antenna for Atmospheric research, we hams should be very interested in this as the Hi-Q Antenna in this configuration will MEASURE the CELING of the IONOSPHERE!

An other more interesting and more complex
Project for a NEWLY developed NVIS antenna for NASA, that will be installed on a SPACECRAFT, to be lunched into space, travel a million kilometers, LAND on an

Abstract: GPR, Ground Penetrating Radar used to determine contact depth to geologic materials underlying deposits.
In other words, we need to know what is that particular ASTEROID made of.
Hey X-brands keep on pushing your contraptions while Hi-Q is designing and developing antennas for EARTH, SEA and SPACE!

News Release 9/09:

Please to announce that we have developed for our military and now available for the HAM community a 5/16 Diameter Tapered Stainless spring steel 8' long Whip with a 3/8-24 SS stud mount whip adapter.
Please go to the Accessories pages and click on 8' SS Whips.

News Release!
We have developed a CONTROLLER for the Hi-Q Military antennas to do ALE.

It will be also applicable to the Ham/Commercial versions of the Hi-Q-6-160 RT MC-4 series (Stepper motor tuned) On the Move (HF Mobile antennas) that is: 
RADIO Independent Control Unit (RICU) 

This small unit will go in line with the COAX Cable and tune the Hi-Q antenna from 1.8 to 30 MHz in less than 10 seconds. Or appx. 1 inch per second Contactor travel. 

We expect these units to in production by the end of this year. 
73’s from the Innovators 

Charlie, W6HIQ 

Attention Customers to be: 

Please note that we ONLY sell the products we design and manufacture:

HF Communication antennas, accessories for Military, Commercial and Ham radio users.

NOT offering GADGETS that sold ONLINE and eBay.

Those you can get from the brand-X makers who simply cannot make it with their CONTRAPTIONS on the market! 

73, Charlie, W6HIQ 



Do not be fooled with statements that the Hi-Q Antennas are TO EXPENSIVE. 
When you look at the SMALLEST and LIGHTEST of
Hi-Q Antennas: Hi-Q-2./80 RT and the Hi-Q-3/80 RT
Both weighing < 4 lbs and has SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE in COMPARISON to the Brand �X CONTRAPTIONS out there.

Look at the features:
A true Centerloaded design,
NO HEIGHT Changes!
NOT A Don Johnson knock OFF!
High �Q� loading coil with Aerospace wire as a sealed unit in a
Modified Hi-Impact Propriety Polycarbonate housing.
Precision German made planetary gearhead drive motor.
Measured radiation Efficiency at 80 M = 3.6, which is equal to over 4 times of power, radiated instead being DISSIPATED in their coil as HEAT!
Base installation kit and WQD included in the LOW price of:


Now go to their website and compare!
Might even ask them to disclose the measured radiation Efficiency of their contraptions!

73, Charlie W6HIQ 

E-mails From IRAQ!

From: "Kitchings GS15 David (CF RCT1 3/6 LEP)"
To: "C.M. Gyenes"
Subject: [U] HI Q IRAQ

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Hello Charlie,

I have been so busy and sorry for the time it took to get these photos. The Marines are beginning to understand more about HF and the interest is increasing. Attached are several photos of the TAD NVIS deployed by the USMC here in IRAQ. I have talked to our battalion commander and he is well aware of your contribution and concern. Please feel free to use the photos in any way you wish. It is a done deal...HI Q is talking in IRAQ! I have not had time to contact anyone else yet, but I hope to get to that soon. How is everything going? I will send some other photos in the next email after this one because it may be too much for one "send"


Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

From: Buzz Loeschman
Sent: Saturday, July 26, 2008 7:02 AM
To: sales@hiqantennas.com
Subject: YI9WV update

Hello Charlie,

My name is Buzz and my call is NI5DX. I am the QSL manager for YI9WV, Kitch, deployed near Fallujah, Iraq.

I wanted to give you an update on Kitch's activities with your antenna. He has been using the TAD exclusively for some time now. His QSO total is over 6000 as I write this and the majority of these are using your antenna and 100 watts of power. Since putting up the TAD his total Qs has increased dramatically. He is/was quite surprised at the ability of the antenna to "hear" as well as it does. He has worked stations on all bands from 80 to 15 meters, with a few contacts on 10 meters, as well. Kitch has continued to work about 90% CW, with some PSK31 in the log also. The large majority of entries in his log are Europeans, but he has had some nice openings to North and South America on most bands, including many US stations working him on 40 meters.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of his antenna setup at the "margarita hooch" as he calls it. This is his operating location when he is in camp, but he operates from outside the camp location with no difficulty by carrying his equipment, including the TAD, in a gun case.

Thanks for making such a fine antenna for portable use. If it were not for the TAD, Kitch could still operate, but it would be much more difficult for him to get everything set up to go. Your antenna makes it very easy for him to get on the air quickly and with a minimum of effort in assembling his station.

Feel free to use this email and/or the pictures on your website.



(PS: I am thinking about a TAD, as I like to operate from some IOTA spots nearby and a lighthouse close to my QTH. Seems the TAD would be perfect for my use, as well.)

From: "Kitchings GS15 David (CF RCT1 3/6 LEP)" <david.kitchings@cf.mnf-wiraq.usmc.mil>
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 10:39 AM
To: "C.M. Gyenes" <sales@hiqantennas.com>
Subject: [U] Emailing: HI Q USMC IRAQ 001

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

Here is the On The Move HI Q from a field unit I worked with. I have
more photos and will try to find them now and sent them.
10,000 QSO's now on your little TAD!
David WD6V YI9WV

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED

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Hi-Q-Antenna's doing it's part: Supporting our Men and Woman in Iraq and elsewhere by
donating Hi-Q HF Mobile and NVIS antennas for greatly improved HF Communication.



 The KING Surrounded by QUEENS!

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