Hi-Q HF Communication Antennas for
Military and Commercial applications

State-of-the-art, proven design, HF antennas
for Short (NVIS) and Long Range communications

Hi-Q-Antennas Designs, Develops, Prototypes and Manufactures HF Mobile and Compact Fixed-Base communication antennas. Give us your requirement and we will deliver an engineering working prototype for your evaluation with a VERY short lead time. For example, a recent project was for the US Navy. The request was received on Jan. 5th, 2006... we put RF to the antenna on the requested frequencies on Jan. 6th at 8pm... delivered the engineering prototype on Jan. 17th... with production models being delivered on Feb. 6th!

Current Customers include Homeland Security, USAF, Air National Guards, US Marines and the US Navy with a highly classified project.

Contact Us with your requirements and let us go to work for you!

Product Line:
  • Typically from 2-30 MHz continuously tunable, manually or with 12-24 VDC.
  • These antennas are usually mounted on a tower or tall pole for world wide HF communications.

  • NVIS antennas:
  • Typically from 2-10 MHz continuously tunable manually or with 12-24 VDC.
  • These antennas should be mounted on a simple TriPod from 2 feet to 15 feet high for best NVIS performance
  • For very low noise LOW power communication for SHORT range, usually 250-300 mile radius.

  • HF Vertical antennas:
  • For mobile and fixed base operations.
  • These antennas require to have a counterpoise below them, like a vehicle or ground radial wires.

  • Marine and Submarine antennas:
  • Special purpose, electrically short HF antennas.

  • HF antennas for Emergency Communications:
  • Antennas specially suited for use by FEMA, HLS, Police and Fire.
  • NOTE:

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