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NVIS (Short Range) Communication Antennas

Hi-Q-4/3-25 MT NVIS (More Photos)

Tunable NVIS antenna for the 1.8 to 10 MHz frequencies. With options to 30 MHz.

Our Hi-Q TAD (Tune-A-Dipole) HF antennas, when used on a Tri-Pod or short pole up 5 to 15 feet, are the most efficient TUNABLE NVIS antenna ever developed! The Manually (MT model) or Remotely (RT model) tunable High "Q" loading coils allows it to be tunable from 1.8 to 10 MHz (and down to 30 MHz if the CapHats are removed). About NVIS:
NVIS stands for "Near Vertical Incidence Skywave" and is defined as:
"In radio propagation, a wave that is reflected from the ionosphere at a nearly vertical angle and that is used in short-range communications to reduce the area of the skip zone and thereby improve reception beyond the limits of the ground wave."
Our Hi-Q NVIS antennas:
  • Typically from 2-10 MHz continuously tunable manually or with 12-24 VDC.
  • These antennas should be mounted on a simple TriPod from 2 feet to 15 feet high for best NVIS performance
  • For very low noise LOW power communication for SHORT range, usually 250-300 mile radius.

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