Hi-Q Piranha

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PIRANHA Antenna Specification.


The newly developed Ruggedized Hi-Q-5/160 HF antenna is the derivative of the Hi-Q MC Military on the Move
Mobile antenna.

Major improvements: Hi-Impact Modified Polycarbonate coil housing
                Silver Plated # 12 propriety coil wire
                NEW disc with Silver Plated BRASS balls for precision tuning.
                Lower mast is 2’ long, clear type III anodized.
                Silver Plated WQD is installed at no extra cost.
                Mounting hrdw. Included.

Mechanical details: Lower mast 1.9” dia. X 2’ heavy wall 6061 T6 Alum, Clear Anodized
            Loading coil size: 5” diameter X 12” long, BLACK Polycarbonate.

New feature: external indicator of contactor location (Available soon)

            Antenna weight: 8.5 Lbs.
            Motor drive; 12VDC @ < 300 ma. German Gearhead w/stainless steel lead screw.
            Can be tuned with DPDT SW, or DC   controller, it has the REED SW and Magnets installed.
Recommended accessories: Hi-Q-EB-8 CapHat

Electrical details: 10-160 M with 102” whip od EB-8 CapHat with 4” whip.
Freq: 1.9 MHz
            Loading coil “Q”: 520

Coil inductance: 320 uH

Overall antenna “Q”:

            Electrical length: 9 degrees
            Degree Amps: 5.0

Loss Resistance: 4.0 Ohms

Radiation Efficiency: 4%

Relative radiated power: - 14.7 dBi

Feed point impedance: 9 Ohms

Band Width @ 3:1 : 20 kc

Freq: 3.8 MHz
            Radiation Efficiency: 22 %
            Relative Radiated power: -8.4 dBi
            BW @ 3:1 : 35 kc
Freq: 7.20 MHz
            Radiation Efficiency: 48%
            Relative Radiated power: -3.2 dBi
            BW @ 3:1 :150 kc
Freq: 14.20 MHz
            Radiation Efficiency: 92%
            Relative Radiated Power:-1.dBi
            BW @ 3:1 : 480 kc
From 20 to 10 M all efficiency numbers are further improved.

Pricing and Ordering

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  Hi-Q Piranha Standard  $ 495.00    $ 50.00  
  Hi-Q Piranha Black  $ 575.00    $ 50.00  
  Hi-Q Piranha Military  $ 650.00    $ 50.00  
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SPECIFICTION for the NEW MIL. PIRANHA HF Mobile antenna:

Continuously tunable from 1.8 to 60 MHz
(with 9' whip 1.8 to 15 MHz, 1' whip 1M to 6 M.)

Antenna height: 40"

Coil diameter 5"

Lower mast 2.5" X 28"

Antenna weight: 11 lbs.

All Black- UV protected loading coil

Included; Silver-plated Brass WQD

Mounting bolt and insulating wafers.

Built in REED SW and Magnets for Turn counter type antenna controllers.


WHY was it developed  for HAM use!

It is SPECIFICALLY Modified/Upgraded to the HAM mobile Use is to Finally have a Hi-Performance-Reliable-Rugged-Great looking- NON screwdriver type HF Mobile antenna that is once and for ALL TOPPES ALL CONTRAPTION out there!


Note the WHITE tube, in it a magnet the
TRAVELS with the CONTACTOR as it
tuned to a new location.



Military Piranha (left)

NEW Black Piranha (center)

Standard Piranha (right)

Hi-Q Piranah

Moisture absorbent pack added to protect the motor from collecting condensation.

Re-strainer added to prevent motor wires to be pulled out.

This is how you ID the NEW PIRANHA
MIL.(Military antenna) Has the Hi-Q-HF
tag The Hi-Q Antennas US Flag tag
and the PIRANHA tag.

"This is the NEW
Hi-Q-5/160 MIL. Version
of the PIRANHA HF Mobile
antenna family"

Please see photos and read
the differences and
on the Piranha pages.

Major improvements  added:

NEW Hi-Impact Black Polycarbonate UV protected loading coil With #12 silver-plated copper wire,
exclusive Mill run for Hi-Q Antennas

Silver plated 1" dia. Push rod with lighter DISC (shown with 6 ea.
Silver-plated BRASS balls)

BUT as of 5/13 UPGRADED to 12 ea. Brass Balls, under it silver-plated SS springs for Controlled 
constant pressure to the coil wire