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K7ER - "A Work of Art"
Hello Charlie, First I wanted to thank you for the time you spent with me showing me your version of what a screwdriver antenna is suppose to be......Bravo. It is a "work of art". If it performs as good as they are made, it is the best!

So I'd like to place an order with you for the Hi-Q 4/80. I also need your machined quick disconnect (WQD) for the whip and a shunt coil. In addition I'll need a couple of ferrite cores to choke the RF from the DC motor leads.

The first screwdriver I bought was an H. Stewart Designs, not a horrible version, but room for much improvement! The second I bought was a High Sierra piece of junk. It fell apart while I was doing the installation. The only thing I like about the High Sierra is the hitch receiver mount, which I plan to reuse for mounting your antenna. The antenna is to be mounted on a 2002 Cadillac Escalade SUV. The truck is a pearl white so I need a white antenna from you.

I am very pleased to have discovered your mobile's really one of the finest pieces of machine work I have seen recently.

KG4NBL - "It just keeps getting better"
I have now had my Hi-Q-4 for over 8 months,a it has not yet given me any problems.(amazing for something this beautiful.) Along with being able to work 80m thru 10m i have now received matching 160m coil (also 4' dia) that now alolows me to work any where on 160 (thats right anywhere) If anyone would like to hear this antenna,tune to 1895.00 +/- 1 nightly on the 3905cc early at 0200 or 0500 for the late net. I am running a ALS500 when i am mobile,and a 811H when i am portable,and still maintain a 1to1 swr. I will be going to alaska in the spring and the Hi-Q-4 will be my primary antenna for 160m thur 10m. it just keeps getting better.

PA3DUV - "Great Antenna, Great Customer Service"
After 40000 miles on the European roads the Hi-Q-3 showed some humidity inside the coil housing. The source of the water drops was not clear, most likely condensation or rain. After asking Charlie from Hi-Q-Antennas™ what to do he immediately offered me to send a replacement coil complete with contactor and spindle a no costs. No fuzz! No questions! No corner cutting! No fingerpointing! The man just stands behind his product.

Charlie mentioned that he is testing the coils by putting them into a bucket of water! When I opened the package I found a brand new MIL SPEC loading coil unit PLUS a massive silver plated Whip Quick Disconnect PLUS all the tools necessary to exchange the old loading coil for the new one. Charlie even provided the tap and drills! The conversion was a breeze, 30 minutes and the antenna was like brand new. This is GREAT customer service.

The Hi-Q-3 antenna is rollin' again and back in service since two weeks. Two weeks of rain, fog and high humidity did not affect the antenna or coil. Again effordless qso's with zl2bsj / zl2pqh and zl2arn over the 14 000 mile long path in the morning around 7:00 utc and in the evening over the short path at 10137 KHz.

Buy the Hi-Q and you'll not only buy the best mobile antenna but also the best customer service in the world.

K4ILS - "Super Great Antenna !!"
Just thought I'd let everyone know that the Hi-Q antenna works wonders: I installed mine along side of my apartment on a 10 ft mast and have had great results using it as a base station antenna.If you would like to hear how it sounds check with me on 20 meters 14300 (the maritime net)almost every day and see for yourself.I'v gotten great signals from all over this country and many others...I strongly recommend charlie's Hi-Q-Antennas™. Super Great Antenna !!

K7CF - "Really Happy with Hi-Q-4"
I was told about Charlie's antenna on 20 meters by K6MB and looked at the web site. I had been mobile with a DK3 for 3 or so years and wanted to try high power and knew that the coil in the DK3 would probably melt. So I bought the Hi-Q-4 and is it pretty. I run 500 watts out, peg a analog Bird 250 watt meter on peaks so just guessing at power. I spend much time on the road, I had "ham radio" withdrawals until I got Hi-Q. I worked a pile up with KC4AAA South Pole, McMurdo Sound 5 minutes later with an S7 report, about the same as fixed stations on 20 meters, while I was traveling at 70MPH with a 66 inch whip. Have gotten 10 db over S9 reports into Europe. If I can hear them, I can work them usually. The coil is Cool to the touch on 20 meters with 500 watts.I bought a BB3 160 meter coil, put it on top of the Hi-Q coil, put on a 102 inch CB whip and got a 20 over S9 report 200 miles away on 160 meters. Thinking about taking down 4 element quad, who needs it? Just kidding. Hi-Q-4 really works well, especially if you want to run 500 watts or so out. Just have to remember to keep the car doors closed when you run amp. No RF in the shack. Have rig in 2001 auto with all the computer junk and works fine. I use the High Sierra mobile mount and Charlie provided an insulator to use with it. Think this antenna is a winner, you won't be disappointed.

KJ6EO - "The Perfect HF Mobile Antenna!"
About 6 months ago I started looking around for another screwdriver type HF Mobile Antenna. I was having extensive problems with my HighSierra HS-1500. The HighSierra HS-1500 required alot of maintenance to keep it on the air...maintenance that I was tired of doing. After doing an extensive search on the internet for a solution to my antenna woes, I stumbled onto Charlies (Hi-Q-Antennas™) website. What I found was a complete line of "high quality" professional mobile HF antennas. I was so impressed that I called Charlie on the phone to place an order for my Hi-Q-3rw (special). Charlie was kind enough to listen while I unloaded my HighSierra horror stories on him. Charlie invited me to his home to personally pick up my new Hi-Q antenna. When I saw the antenna it just took my breath away. I used to be a Machinist and I was "amazed" by the design and quality of manufacturing that goes into these great antennas. Charlie was kind enough to help me mount the antenna on my pick-up truck. While we were mounting the antenna we had "a head talk" about HF mobile antennas. I was very impressed with his technical expertise in this field. I cant say enough good about Charlie...he is a great guy and he makes an excellent "professional" product. I have had my Hi-Q antenna now for several months and it has performed flawlessly. I never get tired of looking at it...this antenna is a work of art. I have already had hundreds of mobile DX contacts with the Hi-Q. I would highly recommend this antenna to anyone that is "serious" about running HF Mobile.

KG4NBL - "The best thing since sliced bread"
I have been a extra class for 3 months,and have already found the antenna of my dreams. I am the proud owner of three Hi-Q-4. I have one for my 1999 freightliner(big truck), one for my suburban,and one that i take on Vacation(Alaska) I really only need one,because of the fantastic quick disconnect the unit can be taken of in about 5 seconds.The rest of the unit is a sight to see.The mast section Is very strong,it contains the motor that drives the contactor up and down the lenght of the coil,(FROM 80METERS TO TO 10METERS) in less than 30 seconds,that means no more stopping to change a tap on my bug catcher (i have two),no more stopping to change a resonator(i have 7).The coil its self is sealed,the ony moving part(the contactor)is protected from all weather conditons,birds too. The unit transmits perfectly always 1.1 swr.The receive is the best i have hear by 2 to 3 s units .The unit has not given me a problem since i have had it on my truck,it is mounted on the left mirrior with the bass being 6 feet off the ground and the top of whip,or 1" copper pipe is 13'3".I have an additional bracket on the upper mirrior for support. MY THANKS to CHARLIE W6HIQ / VE7BOC / HA5CMG, Keep up the good work and high standards. IT'S THE PERFECT(TUNABLE)ANTENNA

PA3DUV - "Superior Mobile Antenna"
This review is an update to my previous review of April this year. In the mean time I've gathered more experience with the use of this mobile antenna. Most of the time the antenna is used for mobile pactor links to ZL2BSJ/MM with 30 watt output and a 7 meter vertical wire on board the MS Tangaroa, ZL2PQH with 100 watt and a wire Vee antenna or ZL2ARN with 100 watt and a tree supported loop antenna. Every morning when commuting or travelling I link one of the above stations with my mobile pactor II system. For a longer period of time this gives relevant information on the performance of the system. The setup is as follows:

Hi-Q-3 mobile antenna from Hi-Q-Antennas™placed at the backside of my car (see picture on top of this page), but now placed slightly higher, antenna base approx. 1 meter over streetlevel. The Hi-Q is equipped with the giant disconnect at the antenna base and with a small disconnect on top of the loading coil, the whip is 1 meter long. Icom IC 706MKII, output max. 100 watts PTCII Pro Pactor controller from SCS. The qso's with New Zealand (approx. 22 000 km, long path (13 700 miles)) are mainly running in the 30 meterband.

The results: Daily instant 22 00 km links with signals ranging from s 1 up to s 7. Antenna performs flawlessy under most severe conditions. Linking is like setting up a phone call: guaranteed! Due to the automatic power reduction algoritm of the pactor controller the power level from the car sometimes goes down to 1 watt and lower while maintaining the link. This is only possible with a superior and efficient antenne with has a very working grade. Signals keep coming in far above the noise floor even when driving under overpasses or in cities. The antenna is mechanically strong, and deals easily with the large forces on the base when driving the Sauerland Highway in Germany with very narrow curbs at 130 MPH. The antenna has been subject to severe weather, storm, (ice) rain, mosquito and bird crashes etc and still performs super.No signs of corrosion. No signs of poor contact between the contactor and the loading coil. No signs of stress in any part of the antenna (all very heavvy wall tubing). The Giant Quick Disconnect allows me to remove the antenna in 3 seconds and store it in the trunk. Since the antenna is very compact it can be stored in any type of car. So far the antenna did 34 000 km on the European roads. If you want to run a reliable and high performance Mobile HF Radio Station use the Hi-Q antenna.

K8NDS - "Another precision piece of work from Hi-Q-Antennas™"
This is my second Hi-Q Antenna. You can reference my first review on the Hi-Q-2.5 further down the page. I enjoyed my first Hi-Q so much that I replaced it with the newer version a few months ago at the Dayton Hamvention. It has all of the qualities of the first one plus. I now have the addition of the 80 mtr band which will be great for the coming winter season and the downturn of the current sun spot cycle. The quality is even better which was already hard to beat. The new motors that Charlie is using are Heavy Duty and very smooth and quiet. I consitantly get outstanding reports even when conditions are marginal. Another masterpiece for Hi-Q-Antennas™!

N6GLN - "Best of the Best"
I've been licensed for a while now uses different type of mobile antenna trying to find the right antenna, untill I purchase the Hi-Q-2.5 antenna by W6HIQ / VE7BOC / HA5CMG (Charlie) from Wildomar California. Believe it or not Hi-Q mobile antenna is the antenna that everybody's looking for. I've been hearing signals that never heard from previews antenna that i use before. Been talking to ham operators all over the wolrd with a good signal report and frequently recieve a very nice complement how strong the signal is for a mobile. I'm very pleased of the performance so i decided to upgrade to Hi-Q-3 so i can also work up to 80 mtrs.

Fellow ham operator's if you're thinking buying a mobile antenna that really works like champ, I strongly recommend the Hi-Q by W6HIQ / VE7BOC / HA5CMG. The BEST of the BEST mobile antenna in the world.

KC6JYY - "Hi-Q is the one to beat!!!"
I had been doing mobile HF for almost 10 years now and by far Hi-Q is the best mobile antenna I used ever. I can't believe the signal reports I'd been getting. Some even said that my mobile signal is even louder than other base stations. There is no comparison between my old hamstick and hustler to Hi-Q.

It is obvious that Charlie spent lots of time researching, modifying and improving his antenna system. The quality of workmanship is outstanding. Very slick and sure delivers. It's a shame that I did not meet Charlie earlier. I could have saved thousands of dollars experimenting with other mobile antennas.

I strongly recommend Hi-Q mobile antenna. Whether you are a seasoned operator or a new kid on the block, this antenna is for you. Stop wasting time and money on experimenting with mobile antennas. Hi-Q-Antennas™ is the one to beat.

K8NDS - "Superb Design, mechanical Genius"
I have been licensed since 1964, and have worked mobile on and off for 36 years now. I have tried many different home brew mobile antennas in my radio days. I analyze and evaluate suppliers antennas for a major corporation in my everyday job. Prevoius to the 2000 Dayton Hamfest I never purchsed a manufactured antenna. I was a firm believer in single banders with some sort of quick disconnect for easy band changing and high efficiency. A good mobile antenna must have low loss components for efficiency , especially at the lower frequencies. One of my dreams as an antenna designer was to build an antenna like the Hi-Q 2.5. When I laid my eyes on Charlies Line of antennas I found the solution to my problems. The Antenna is not only a mechanical wonder, but also performs as good as I could possibly expect for mobile ops. It also looks very sleek, and the XYL doesn't even mind the appearence. The finish even blends in nicely with my new GM vehicle.

I have become very well known on the 17 mtr band with my potent signal. I find myself beating out most fixed stations with my Hi-Q and my 500 watts behind it. It is the mobiler's dream antenna. I use the SAM antenna memory unit as a compliment. It makes band switching a cinch. I found both Charlie ( Hi-Q Antenna Designer) and the people at KO6YD Designs (SAM Unit) to be extreamly helpful and responsive to my inquiries. I would highly recommend one of these fine works of art to any Amateur Radio Enthusiast. Chech out my WEB Site to get a look at my Hi-Q installation, and keep a look out for my new installation with one of Charlies Gold 80 thru 10 meter new designs. Check out my WEB SITE by visiting QRZ.COM, search my call sign and click on my WEB SITE link at the bottom of the page. I always promote what I prefer , so also check out the Hi-Q line from the links on my page.

K6BF - "D' Best Ever Mobile Antenna"
Hi-Q Series antenna is the best Mobile antenna I've ever experience to use so far. Ever since I have had HF privileges I have had numerous Model of antenna I used like the Multi Band Hustler Resonator to Comet HA4S. The signal I'm getting for the Hi-Q was not even close to the Rest of antenna I used before. I have a Regular QSO to DU,JA,KH0 Before I installed the Hi-Q and they are telling me that the Signal of my Base antenna a A3S Yagi its only Low Level about 25 feet with Barefoot is WEAKER than Hi-Q Mobile I'm using.

One thing we have to Look is the quality of the product we are buying and the Hi-Q has the design that I'm looking for, not to forget I was also using homebrew like high Sierra antenna and the Coil is long, with the short coil i can go from 10-80 meters with going down or to change settings to the antenna.

So if you want a best HF Mobile antenna with 59 to DX report, I recommend the Hi-Q Mobile Antenna.

KO6GX - "The best mobile antenna "
Hi-Q Series antenna is the best mobile antenna I've used so far. Ever since 1991, I'd been doing a lot of HF mobiling and nothing compares to my Hi-Q. I have used all kinds of mobile antenna ranging from HA4S by Comet to a Pro AM now Valor to a home brew resonator. The signal report I'd been getting are extremely impressive. Some even say that my mobile signal is even louder than some home base stations.

Some of the things I like about Hi-Q are the manufacturing design, quality craftmanship and a very clean set up not to mention it can handle up to 1 KW. Not that I'm planning to put 1KW on it but it is nice to know that I always have that option which I don't think other screw driver antennas can handle. One thing that sets this antenna apart from other screw driver type antennas is that the overall length doesn't change when you cahnge band. The "contact" is the one that moves up and down accross the coil instead of the whole coil as compared to other screw driver type antennas. Installing the antenna is a breeze. No complicated set up. I'm on the road most of the time and the Hi-Q is the perfect antenna for me. I can go from 10M to 80M without even going down with just a flick of a switch and I can always optimize the SWR.

So if you want a reliable set up, can handle high power and will not mind getting 59+ most of the time, then Hi-Q is for you. I strongly recommend Hi-Q HF mobile antenna.

Check out and see my mobile set up.

KR4JA - "Super mobile Antenna!!"
I have used the Hamstick and Bugcatcher antenna (3" coil), but I wanted an antenna which was efficient as the Bugcatcher, did not have an exposed coil, and was easier to change bands. The Hi-Q antenna with the 3" coil was the answer. My setup included a 7' stinger on top of the 4' base section, for a total length of 11' mounted (which does not change in length as you tune the antenna) 2 feet above ground on a 2" receiver bumper trailer hitch (on a Dodge Durango). A flat SWR is achieved on 75m & 40m using an inductance matching coil (supplied), or in my case I used an inductance coil from GLA systems.

The antenna performs as good as a 3" Bugcatcher, as far as I can tell, on 40m (and most likely on 75m, but I only operated there a few times, with good reports I might add). I was getting very good signal reports from TX to MI, while I was traveling near Nashville, TN on 40m. It's true this is very subjective, since I didn't directly compare the Hi-Q with other antennas, but I was very pleased with the reports (S9 +10 to 20db) using my 100w TS130s radio.

The antenna should handle higher power (up to 1Kw) since the coil is made from either #12 or #14 wire. The antenna has the screwdriver antenna memory (SAM) box control installed (you need to buy the box separate). This is a winning combination with 16 memory presets so it's a breeze to change bands while you are driving. It is a very well crafted antenna I might add. I was very pleased in all respects, as you can see.

PA3DUV - "Rock Solid Design, Sleek Looks "
Looking for a HF mobile antenna with multiband capabilities and able to handle high power I made an investigation on the available options currently on the market. The screwdriver antenna design fullfilled most of my demands, so I checked all the suppliers of this kind of antenna. The ATAS 100 was no option due to low power handling although this antenna is the sleekest screwdriver antenna available nowadays. Finally I decided to place my order with Charlie Gyenes from HIQ Antennas,Wildomar CA, manufacturer of the Hi-Q series. The reason was quality, good technical documentation and quick response time to my pre sale questions.

The Hi-Q arrived 7 days after ordering. Well packed, the antenna showed no signs of damage taken during the Transatlantic trip. The antenna was shipped with extensive documentation and application notes. Since the antenna is delivered completely assembled, the only thing to do is hook it up to and start using it. Having no experience in screwdriver antenna matters I had some questions regarding the set-up of this antenna. The owner of the company was very responsive and answered my e-mailed questions instantly.

I recommend the use of the SAM Screwdriver Antenna Memory from KO6YD This little box makes tuning while rolling a lot more easier. The presettable frequencies allow a one button touch QSY while keeping your eyes on the road.

Mounting of the antenna to my car was a breeze, I had some hardware parts laying around from previous experiments. The antenna base consist of a heavy aluminium block which fits in a thick wall lower mast section. The base is insulated from the car with 2 Lexan rings. Due to the heavy wall tubing the antenna needs only one fixation point, being the base with a threaded hole. The heavy wall tubing easily transfers the bending forces to the base section.

The lower mast section, base block and coil bottom and top inserts are made of aluminium which give he antenna a high working grade, taking the low impendance on 80 and 40 m into account. There is no stainless steel tubing used in the antenna. Coil housing is Lexan, with the coil completely fixed and embedded. The antenna does not alter in length while tuning.

The overall impression is that the Hi-Q is a professional made antenna, using top class materials and parts. All hardware is stainless, the coil driving motor runs on 12 V DC without the need for a pull down resistor. During the first few hours I made 25 DX qso's from my driveway, all at 80 and 40. I use the ICOM 706MKII with the controller at the dash and the black box in the trunk, close to the antenna. It is amazing to make effordless 2000 miles plus qso's on 40 just from your drivers seat or going qsy driving 130 MPH at the German Autobahn.

I can recommend this antenna to any radio amateur looking for a high quality mobile HF antenna with multiband capabilities. The Hi-Q is not the cheapest on the market but in this case you really get what you pay for.

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