Mobile Antenna TriPod for Portable Use

This TriPod will allow our Hi-Q Series, or many other mobile antennas, to be used for portable operation. The TriPod was originally designed as a rugged speaker stand. We have converted it to accommodate a Hi-Q Antenna for travel or portable use.

The TriPod features all aluminum construction with locking knobs to set height. It has a 2-inch diameter Nylon insulator on the top telescoping mast, with an aluminum insert containing a 3/8-24 threaded hole with 3/8-24 stainless steel stud, to accept any antenna on top of it. It has several stainless steel screws to accept ground radials from the coax shield side. The feed point is at the base of the antenna, from the aluminum insert as the coax center.

The TriPod extends to 6-feet tall and legs spread to nearly 3-feet. The TriPod will fold down to 4" x 4" x 44". Weight (without antenna) is approximately 5 lbs.

$75.00 + Shipping


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