HI-Q Antennas HF antennas for short NVIS and long range communications

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you provide me information to repair my antenna?

No. Hi-Q Antennas does not recommend customers take apart antennas, regardless of their skill level. Damage occurs when customers do so. Many older antennas in circulation were made prior to 2021 by the former owner of Hi-Q Antennas. While Hi-Q Antennas will support previous customers, it is difficult to know what configuration of a particular model a customer may have. This means remote assistance is difficult. Customers should send their antenna units to Hi-Q Antennas for assessment and repair. The link is: https://store.hiqantennas.com/products/antenna-repair-assesment or it can be found in the Order link on the Hi-Q Antennas web page under Antenna Repair Assessment.

Hi-Q Antennas maintains a limited stock of old “legacy inventory.” This limited inventory is used to repair and service older antennas still in circulation made prior to 2021 by Charlie Gyenes. Most of the older models received are 10 to 15 years old, and well used. It is only natural that some cleaning and repair may be required. Please make the investment to keep them functional. Send them to the Hi-Q Antennas shop. On the rare occasion that an antenna unit cannot be repaired, the customer will be offered a discount on a new model.

Can I drop off my antenna for repair?

No. Send all antennas needing repair by Hi-Q Antennas to the receiving facility in Chino Valley, AZ. The Hi-Q Antennas facility is an industrial secured facility and is not open to the public. Please use the “assessment” link to initiate the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA_ process.

What is the lead-time to receive my new or repaired antenna?

Response time varies due to supply shortages. The US military currently has a high demand for Hi-Q Antennas and their needs now receive priority attention. Hi-Q Antennas appreciates the civilian radio customer and will complete those orders based on technician capacity.

What kind of antenna do I have?

Hi-Q Antennas receives many questions from customers with older antennas. Some want to know how to hook it up; some are trying to ask trouble-shooting questions. When contacting Hi-Q Antennas with questions concerning an older antenna, please have the following information available:

  1. What is the color, diameter size and length of the coil element?
  2. What is the mast size and the material type (stainless steel or aluminum)?
  3. How many wires extend from the bottom (2 or 4?). What color are the wires?
  4. How long is the cable at the bottom?
  5. Pictures will help a great deal in identifying the antenna, if you can provide them.
  6. Does the unit power up?

Be sure to include the information when you Contact Us.

Can you build me a custom antenna?

The answer is yes, and no. Hi-Q Antennas produces custom products for the military and industrial customers. However, this is typically a cost-prohibitive path for most amateur users, and typically not necessary. Hi-Q Antennas currently offers the three sizes shown on the web site “Order” link: 4-inch, 5-inch and 6-inch. This designates the coil diameter. You can opt for 80 meters, or 160 meters based on the whip you choose to add to the coil cap. Hi-Q Antennas may offer other sizes again in the future for regular production and will make that announcement via press release, social media and on its website.

Can I buy a new coil, motor, etc.?

Hi-Q Antennas does not currently support this option. Hi-Q Antennas sells complete antenna packages and the antenna accessories listed online in the web page “Order” link. Any internal antenna component is not available for sale. Please refer to the web page “Order” link for a list of items available for sale or use the Antenna Repair Assessment process.

Can you help me troubleshoot my radio system?

Hi-Q Antennas will support customers in the setup of their antenna, but is not available to teach the basics of radio operations. There are many great educational resources available for learning the basics of radio operations and the principles of antennas.

Can I use a Hi-Q Antennas antenna for my fixed station system?

Please know that Hi-Q Antennas models are efficient and designed for mobile use, but do not have the same capacity as some large stationary antennas. However, Hi-Q Antennas has many customers who have space constraints or neighborhood covenants that prevent them from using a large permanent antenna and opt for a Hi-Q Antennas model because of its compact size and footprint. In these instances, Hi-Q Antennas customers have installed Hi-Q Antennas units at their home or apartment with great success.