Hi-Q Piranha -4/80


PIRANHA Antenna Specifications.



The NEWLY developed PIRANHA series of Hi-Q Antennas are the derivative of the Military On the Move HF mobile and fixed station antennas.

Major improvements:
                Hi-Impact Modified Polycarbonate coil housing

                Silver Plated # 12 propriety coil wire
                NEW disc with Silver Plated BRASS balls for precision tuning.
                Lower mast is 2’ long, Stainless Steel.
                Silver Plated WQD is installed at no extra cost.
                Mounting hrdw. Included.

Remotely Tunable 10 thru 80 meters

This is the LATEST innovation in HF mobile antennas!

The Hi-Q-4/80 will cover the 10-80 M bands. It is the PATENTED version of the standard Hi-Q Series of HF mobile antennas. Similar in size as the Hi-Q-4/80, that is: 4" diameter loading coil by 10 " long (8" usable coil).

Mechanical details:

Base Length: 2' x 1.5"
Coil Size: 4" x 10 " Polycarbonate (Lexan) tubing,
8" of coil is usable/tunable
Whip requirement: 160m: use 102' whip (not supplied) and
a CapHat with 32" lobes (supplied in Package B).
80-40-20-17m: same as 160m
6-10-12m: use short 36" whip or CapHat only
Weight: 5 lbs
Tuning Method : RT:
  • Hi-Q DC Controller or similar controller. ALL Hi-Q-Antennas now have a magnet to count rotations of the motor-output shaft. So, by adding an optional reed switch externally, you get a "pulse per revolution" for the Hi-Q DC Controller or similar controller.
  • You may use a simple DPDT switch to tune the antenna.

Coil data:

Inductance: 350 uH
Reactance: 3140 ohms
Wire size: 12 AWG
Coil diameter: 5"
Coil length: 10" (8" usable)
Pitch: 11
Coil "Q" 580
Loss resistance: 16 ohms
100 w I (rf): 2.1 amps


3.750 Mhz
Radiation Efficiency: 8%
Relative radiated power: -9.2 dB
Bandwidth for 2:1 VSWR 35 kHz
Coil "Q" 450
7.2 Mhz
Radiation Efficiency: 43%
Relative radiated power: -3.7 dB
Bandwidth for 2:1 VSWR 120 kHz
14.2 Mhz
Radiation Efficiency: 77%
Relative radiated power: -1.1 dB
Bandwidth for 2:1 VSWR 475 kHz

Excellent performance on the rest of the higher bands!

** NOTE: If this was a BRAND "X" screwdriver antenna it would have a Radiation efficiency of Less than 1/10th watt (that is right, one tenth of a watt out of your 100 w. radio)... a real QRP set up. And, yes, QRP rigs get out, but with the Hi-Q Series antennas you WORK THE WORLD! 

Charlie Gyenes, W6HIQ, HA5CMG and VA7HIQ

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Hi-Q Piranha -4 Series

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