HI-Q Antennas HF antennas for short NVIS and long range communications


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Repairs and Service

Note: Our repair facility is in Chino Valley Arizona (zip-code 86323).

For Customer Service
Please email any questions related to our products (received/damaged/missing…etc.), orders, billing or service at customerservice@hiqantennas.com
For Antenna Repair Service
Please use the Antenna Repair Assessment link here. To begin the RMA Process to send your antenna to repair facility in Chino Valley Arizona or email us at support@hiqantennas.com with your specific question.

Product Sales

New Product Purchase – Interested in buying one of our products? Order using our Online Store or contact hiqsales@hiqantennas.com

Technical Support

For technical questions or issues with our Hi-Q products, please email your specific question to support@hiqantennas.com

General Information

For general comments and/or suggestions, email us at contact@hiqantennas.com

Thank you!

Hi-Q Customer Service Team